Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia and Patrol Police Headquarter – Tbilisi (Georgia), 2006 – 2009

8 Settembre 2010

Località Tbilisi (Georgia) Studio Studio Associato Bellesi - Giuntoli

The “Mia” Garden  Project  fits in a very significant architectonical context which will soon become a new icon for the city of Tbilisi.

The  project tried to find a way to dialogue with this way of thinking the urban space, integrating the building volume with the surrounding landscape using a similar three dimensional approach that will give to the garden its own essence.

There are a lot vegetation groups that have been chosen for the different portion of the garden because we think that this urban space should have an overall spirit made by different little spaces each one with its own nature and function.


Landscape: Studio Bellesi – Giuntoli Firenze Italy

Architecture: Michele De Lucchi Milano Italy